Food Truck Friday

Food Truck Friday is Back for 2016!

The Peached Tortilla


Chi'lantro BBQ

Garbos Lobster

About The Event

Food Truck Friday brings diverse and otherwise unavailable food to our neighborhood on a weekly basis. We are proud to support the local food truck industry.

For The Customers

When and where? Nearly every Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM at St. David’s Episcopal Church on the corner of 8th and San Jacinto. Look for the Brazos Tech District sign on the sidewalk!

Which food trucks? We try to keep a variety of food trucks scheduled. If you’re interested in seeing one in particular, just tweet at us!

Can’t food trucks set up anywhere? Nope! Parking officials have been shutting down food trucks that use commercial zones or paid parking zones. Additionally, there has been some enforcement on the ability to serve food from the street to a sidewalk. Our goal is to work with the City of Austin to make sure food trucks have a safe way to operate their business, to the benefit of those who live and work Downtown. In the meantime, we’re working with buildings in the area to set up indoor serving areas; where trucks take your order and “deliver” it from the street, which has proven to be a very successful model.

Downtown Business? We want to help you help your employees know about their food options in Downtown Austin. Learn more about working with the Brazos Technology District.

For The Trucks

Who Leading businesses in the downtown Brazos Technology District have partnered together to support the food truck industry of Austin. Past participants have included The Grilled Cheese Truck, Garbos Lobsters, the Peached Tortilla and many others.

What Food trucks provide the grub and Brazos Tech District member companies provide the customers! Employees of participating companies have come to rely on their Friday lunches coming from the trucks that participate in Food Truck Fridays.

Where The event is hosted at a downtown location, announced each week to participating member companies and their employees. We seek out a location which provides street-side parking adjacent to an interior space where orders are taken and delivered to. This serving method also works within city ordinances which otherwise prohibit curbside sales.

Why Past truck participants report an average of 115+ ticket sales in this 3-hour window. Many trucks have even sold out of food. We only allow 1 food truck per Friday per location.

Payment Info Please be prepared to accept all major credit cards in addition to cash. Though individuals often pay with Visa/MasterCard/Discover, many of the organizing businesses order team lunches exclusively with American Express. (Your might check out Square or PayPal Here for cheap credit card processing rates.) Food Truck Friday and participating partners can not make any guarantee of sales.

So Many Benefits

Food Truck Friday is about more than just food. It’s about supporting Austin’s entrepreneurs by both feeding them and promoting their business.

Eat good food

Support local business

Different truck each week

Food Truck Friday Schedule

Building Community

Standing in line is usually tedious, but our lines are full of interesting and creative people. Come on down and make some new friends while you wait for your order. Follow @BrazosTechDist and#TruckIT