What a Productive Q1!
A lot has been going on with the Brazos Tech District in 2014 and we are just about ready to take the organization to the next level. Thank you all for meeting with us over the last few months and providing us with your thoughts, feedback and support in our goal to improve working life in downtown Austin.

One step in this next phase is expanding the relationship between member companies. We’d like to identify a representative from each company to serve as the liaison between your company and the District. It won’t take much of your time in the grand scheme of things, but feel free to identify someone else in your organization that might be more fitting if you think that is best. We’d like to list your company representative on our web site, and we’ll add them to a minimal-traffic mailing list so that you can connect with other companies about relevant topics. Please contact us, and let us know who will serve as your company’s representative.

Transit Passes
Overwhelmingly, the main topic that has come up over and over again is a need for improvement of commuting options to downtown. As a first step to making commuting a little easier and making transit options more approachable, we have a new program launching this week. As a result of a partnership we have formed with Capital Metro, we can offer discounted transit passes to Brazos Tech District member companies, and your employees can purchase and manage their transit passes with a simple, mobile-friendly dashboard.

This program will be launched on Thursday, April 10 at the Office Manager’s Meetup (details below) and we’ll have follow-up information shortly thereafter.

Upcoming Events
Office Manager’s Meetup, April 10 (rsvp now)

Representatives from Cap Metro, Movability and the Brazos Tech District will be speaking on transportation issues which affect us all. This event is hosted at Mass Relevance and is presented by Turnstone.

Ping Pong Tournament TBD (register now)

We are organizing a ping pong tournament in early-mid May. We are seeking a host location and will update you with details as soon as we have them. You can register today and we will hold a spot for you.

Food Truck Fridays (subscribe to the Google Cal)

April 11 — Chi’lantro
April 18 — Garbos Lobster
April 25 — FoodaPalooza
May 2   — The Peached Tortilla

Judson and Ed