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Business Information

Do you work in the Brazos Tech District? Purchase your pass here

CapMetro has announced the introduction of a business purchasing plan that allows companies to receive discounts off of monthly bus passes when a company buys in bulk on a single invoice.

One of the major initiatives of the Brazos Tech District is to assist area companies improve the commutes of our employees, and we believe that making public transit more accessible is a key component.

CapMetro has discounts for 10-50, sub-200, and 200+ transit passes purchased. However, one key component of the Brazos Tech District is that we have dozens of startups and mid-sized companies that don’t have enough riders to receive substantial discounts. Through the CapMetro discount program, all companies within the District are pooled together to receive higher discounts. The more people that utilize mass transit, the larger discount we all receive.

We provide:

  • A simple portal for your employees to manage which type of pass they need and set up recurring credit card payments for their monthly bus pass
  • We deliver bus passes to your office on the last business day of each month for you to distribute
  • Cost savings that grow as more employees in our area ride transit
  • Collateral for you to use in marketing the program for your employees [link to a zip file]

How it works:

  • Send us your company’s information, including
    • Name
    • Logo
    • Number of Austin area employees
    • Estimated number of transit users
    • How much your company contributes to transit passes
    • What method you use for those contributions (payroll reimbursement, pre-purchased passes, etc)
  • We’ll add you to the system within 1 week and your employees will be able to start purchasing their passes for the following month.

If your company contributes towards transit passes, we offer the ability to invoice you for the portion that your company pays directly, so that you can avoid tedious payroll reimbursements. Additionally, if you cover 100%, we can simply invoice you directly for the entire amount and deliver the passes for you to distribute. We’re flexible, just let us know what works best for you!