We’re working to make it easier to commute to Downtown, using realistic solutions and improving access to transit options.

MetroRail now serves Downtown ATX to Leander

Get there fast on the new MetroRapid

Park just about anywhere with a Car2Go

B-Cycle is great for commuting the last mile


In our partnership with CapMetro, we have simplified the process of getting a monthly transit pass and negotiated cheaper rates for employees within the District.

If you’re an employee interested in purchasing a transit pass, check out our purchase site for rates and more information.

If you’re a business within the District, we have more information available for you.


We believe that improving the ability of bicyclists is one of the easiest ways to lessen congestion and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Beyond improving bicycle lanes and awareness, many buildings in our District do not have secure storage areas or do not allow bicycles to be brought up elevators. We encourage property owners to reevaluate these policies and implement more bike friendly infrastructure.

St. David’s offer secure bike storage as well as shower facilities for those who bicycle into Downtown.


Unfortunately, encouraging the use of mass transit and other alternate means of commuting is not going to be enough alone. We’re committed to finding ways to improve our transportation woes at a city-wide level.

Given the limited number of parking spots in the District, we believe that introducing technology into “dumb” parking systems will allow for higher capacity rates and therefore more options to park.

We also believe in improving the city’s transportation infrastructure, whether by bus, rail, or well thought out thoroughfare improvements.

Transit Pass Discounts

If you work within the district, you’re eligible for discounted CapMetro transit passes.

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